Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 170 - Bike Store Blues, Skratch Labs and an Easy Run.

July 26, 2013       238.4 lbs

Today I ran around a bit getting some errands accomplished. I have needed some Skratch Labs Hydration Mix for a couple weeks and yesterday decided to get some handlebar wrap tape for my aerobars. So I decided to investigate a couple local bike shops. One, I have gone into a couple of times and each time, the staff just looks at me with a "What in the world could you possibly want in here?" expression. No Skratch Labs, no handlebar tape. I'm out of here. So I went to H&S Bicycles instead and found both items exactly. Plus the guys are friendlier and don't look at me like I'm in the wrong store!

The Skratch Labs will be handy during tomorrows long ride of three hours. My tires tread is starting to flatten out. I'm going to need some new tires very soon. Hopefully, they will last for the ride tomorrow.

My workout today was a fifty minute easy run. It's amazing to me that I consider running non stop for fifty minutes to an hour an "easy" run. Also, lately I haven't been running with the calf sleeves. I haven't needed them. Even during my long run last Sunday. Not even a minute into the run, my Garmin turned off. So I had to "guestimate" based on previous runs. I was close enough.

Tomorrow I have a three hour long ride. Until tomorrow my friends!

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