Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 171 - A Furry Force Of One and Moogega Does Vineman

July 27, 2013    239.2 lbs

Today was a total failure for training. I was assigned a three hour Z2 ride. Just as I started to head out the door to Arcadia, a certain something started acting up. Which lead to all kinds of drama that messed up all the plans. That certain something?

So anyways, no long ride. I'm dreading telling my coach. The only training I did was a little bit of running when I took the puppy to Chandler Blvd for a walk/run after dinner.

Actually, no matter what it is my own darn vault. I can't tell if it's because of the all niter's or stress or if I'm subconsciously procrastinating to the point that I don't have time for the long workouts. By the way, here is a shout out to Scott Taylor for his four hour ride and thirty minute run at 4000 feet. And to Moogega Cooper for successfully completing her first 70.3 or half Ironman at Vineman today! Good job Moo!
Lately, I haven't been eating as clean as I was. More grains and processed stuff creeping in to my diet. The over all effects on me are shocking. I'm going to do another completely raw food reboot soon and clean up my system.  While I'm at it, I better clean up everything that needs cleaning up.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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