Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 176 - Aerobars, Nice Rides and Feeling Bleh, Still!

August 1, 2013           240.8 lbs

I finally wrapped my aerobars. Boy do I wish I had done this sooner. Like before the last big ride, what a difference!


 The route I took was a big loop around my neighborhood.  Not too much traffic

With about thirty minutes left to ride, I focused on increasing my heart rate to Z3 and did my best to maintain it. A nice ride with a great climb at the end as I ascended the big hill near my house.

I feel like I am getting a cold which is very odd. Since I started eating plant based, colds and flu's have almost completely disappeared from my life. Whenever I write that I am not feeling well here, it is usually due to lower g.i. issues. A side effect of too many years of drinking soda is a sensitive stomach and intestinal track and a proneness to chronic heartburn. When I am eating "clean", meaning no processed food, I don't have any problems with my guts or chronic heartburn.
Lately, I have not been eating clean and on top of gaining some weight back, I have also regained my gut busters.
Eating even a little high fructose corn syrup caused me to start sweating and and my system to work even harder in order to process it. Shocking.
I have to get up early because I'm helping Mr. Doesn't Sink Anymore with his swimming at a local lake. I have been doing more research on his phobia and believe that he can kick his fear in time for the race.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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