Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 177 - Swimming Big in Castaic Lake and Forks Over Knives

August 2, 2013     240.4 lbs

Today I had a big swim workout. So Mr. Doesn't Sink Anymore and I went to Castaic Lake in Valencia, CA.

Here is the swim workout:

3600 yards = 200 wup, 100 kick, 200 catch up, 100 swim - then 8x50 build 1-4, with the 4th one being fast - then 2 x (3x200 Free, 4x100 Free, 6x50 free with descending rest - 30 sec. For the 200s, 10sec for the 100s, 5 sec. For the 50s)

What a beautiful place! I'm going to have to swim here more often. You only need to pay for parking, ($ 11.00.)
I had Mr. DSA help me film a video on how to put on a wetsuit that I will post another day.

I had a lot of trouble with the swim today as I felt as though I couldn't catch my breath for some reason. I was almost finished with the workout before I really relaxed. I have felt like my body is fighting a cold for several days now and maybe it is a factor. I don't have open water anxiety so I don't know.

After the swim, we went to Tomato Joe's Pizza in Valencia, for a vegan pizza that was pretty tasty. I recommend it with the gluten free crust.

Later on, after going home and allowing The Puppy to run around chewing on my hands and ankles for several minutes followed by a very unfortunate pooping incident, (the puppy, not me), I went to Vinh Loi Tofu. While there, I met Brian Wendel, the creator and executive producer of Forks Over Knives! Brian and his lovely wife, a vegan chef, were a pleasure to speak to.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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