Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 181 - Easy Puppy Running and the Sixth Month Anniversary, Belated!

August 6, 2013       242.6 lbs

I felt better today, mostly because I made sure to drink more water! The workout was an easy one hour and ten minute Z2 run.

I decided to take The Monster aka The Puppy with me. I call her that because she is a handful! However, on runs she is pretty well behaved.
We didn't get started until after midnight and once again, something about leading her causes my heart rate to go up more. It eventually got to the correct zone but at first, it reacted like I was a sixty-five year old.
At one point, I looked down at The Puppy who was trotting along on light feet with minimal effort. She looked up at me as if to say, "Seriously dude? This is the fastest you can go?"
All in all, a straight up run with nothing really new or interesting to report, other than the fact that near the end, I tripped again. This time I didn't fall as I was able to catch myself. I was fading a bit at the end also. Need to work on the nutrition.

Let me tell you, getting this picture was an adventure, I almost had to jiu jitsu her to keep her still! I'm just kidding. Yesterday was my official six months of training anniversary and I didn't notice until today. Rewiring my brain to not quit has not been easy. I struggle almost daily with the urge to take the easy route. I can't. Not anymore. Until tomorrow my friends.

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