Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 182 - All Nighters, Lotus Vegan and No Smoking

August 7, 2013            243.3 lbs

Not much to report. Had a brick scheduled but ended up working all day and all night on a quick job. Well, maybe not that quick of a job! I did take The Puppy with me and The Boss to eat at Lotus Vegan in North Hollywood. Anyways, it's 5:39 am and I'm beat.

Here is the swim workout I was supposed to do:

3500 yards = 300 swim, 200 catch up, 100 swim.  9x50 slow/med/fast with 10 sec rest.  9x100 steady pace with 10 sec. rest.  9x50 fins REALLY fast with 15 sec. rest. 9x100 breathing every 3,4,5 by 100 - 3x through. 200 warm down.

And here is the bike workout:

AR bike - ez spin - longer this week - although this is a choice workout.

That swim workout would have been fun. The bike, easy.  I've been thinking about smoking a lot lately. As of July 1st, I have been smoke free for four years. I'm not thinking about starting again. Only the addiction feeding aspect. It would only take one and I would most likely smoke for the rest of my life. Until tomorrow my friends!

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