Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 184 - Working, Soda Alarm and Japanese QVC

August 9, 2013          244.2 lbs

My weight is out of control lately. Too much processed food and dare I admit it, soda! Yes, the call of The Beast has been answered again unfortunately. Some example I am! Convenience is the true poison of our lives.

Once again, I worked today instead of doing my assigned brick workout. Though bummed about not swimming again, I'm happy to be working, even if it is only a small job. Here was my swim workout:

3700 yards - 400 wup, 300 free with middle 100 FAST (3rd 100) - 800 Free steady, 50 ez, 600, steady, 50 ez, 2x400 faster than 800 was, 50 ez, 2x300 faster than the 600, warm down.

The run was a one hour Z2 with 2 x 10 minute Z3's.

If I can, I"ll show some pictures of what I'm working on when it's finished. Tomorrow I have another long ride. I want to get some swimming in if I can but my schedule sure is booked up tomorrow. Including doing some "on camera" work for Japanese QVC. Until tomorrow my friends.

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