Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 185 - Sick Puppy Woes

August 10, 2013               243.2 lbs

Today was one of those "life gets in the way" days. My coach tells me not to sweat it, but I sure feel like I'm losing momentum. 

Friday night, I ended up being up all night with The Puppy because she was sick with diarrhea. Fortunately, she is trained enough to tell us when she needs to go outside to the bathroom. She finally pooped her little self out around 7:00am and passed out. That's when I was able to pass out to.

I spent all day taking care of her and each time I started to head out the door, something new came up. Until finally, I had to go to film the QVC Japan segment.

So why was I needed for QVC Japan? A friend of The Boss and I has a product line in Japan, the QVC channel was filming some biography info and wanted me to talk about her a bit.

My workout for today, like every Saturday was a long Z2 bike ride of four hours. Man am I behind. I was hoping to do at least some riding after the QVC thing but just couldn't get it in.

This is the lowest I have felt during the last six months of training. Mind, spirit and body are in need of repair. I think I'm just tired and frustrated. After working so hard with all this Ironman training for months and still not loosing weight, plus stress from being unemployed got the best of me. Even just writing about it makes me feel better. Tomorrow I have a one hour bike and a long run. Until tomorrow my friends.

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