Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 187 - In the Valley of the Shadow of Mimic and other Exploits.

August 13, 2013         243.4 lbs

Rest day, which is ironic because I feel like I rested at least two days this week. Well, working  and truly resting are not the same. My left hip is aching today. It was beginning to bother me yesterday even before the run. If you read yesterdays blog, you know what happened with the run. A little worse today. If you want to bail now, it's cool as I'm just going to detail the errands I ran today.

Okay, now that those no good fly-by-nights have left, lets get to the good stuff!

First I went to Simi Valley were I met with Mr. Rick Lazzarini whom I'm making some stuff for.

Rick did the effects for movies like Mimic and Operation Dumbo Drop as well as many others. Getting to see his shop was a pleasure.

Here are a couple cool tidbits. This is the sick monkey from the film Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman.

Another interesting piece was this 12" puppet of Sarah Jessica Parker from Hocus Pocus.

After a great conversation, and getting some parts for what I'm building, it was time to leave.

The Boss had come with me so we hit up Petco as The Puppy needed more stuff to chew on so she doesn't chew on us!

These two guys look like their planning an escape.

We next went to Vinh Loi Tofu for some quick dinner and met up with several acquaintances. Then it was off to Whole Foods to get more treats for The Puppy.

When we got home, let's just say, the dog was suffering from too much sensory input.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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