Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 189 - Electroglide In Blue and Swimming in the Dark

August 14, 2013     244.0 lbs

Today I was assigned a forty-five minute swim. Yay for swimming!

I got to the pool when no one was there. A rarity lately. It was just at sunset and the water was beautiful. Perfect temperature and "soft." Like being in the womb. No cracks you weirdos!
It was extra dark because the timing of the pool lights is still off.

My workout was:

3000 yards= 400 warm up, 8x100 with /30 seconds rest, 8x100 with /20 seconds rest, 8x100 with /10 seconds rest, 200 warm down.

Except for a slight tweek in my left elbow, ( a pulling The Puppy injury!), everything was smooth and beautiful. 
My breathing was good and I was able to catch my breath as I swam. Even my kick felt good and that is weird.

 It doesn't always happen, but there are times when you feel like your absolutely gliding through the water with very little effort. Others like your chopping at the water and flailing, barely enough to move forward. This was very much a gliding session.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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