Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day 191 - Big Swims, Messed up Garmins and Chinese Beer

August 16, 2013        247.2 lbs

Today I had a brick workout of swimming and running. I went to Lake Castaic again to help Mr. Doesn't Sink Anymore a little more before his first sprint Triathlon.

The swim workout officially was:

3150 yards = 600 warm up, every 4th length is kick. 4x75 catch up freestyle. 6x75 middle 25 non free.  Then 8x150 build the 150 itself from slow 1st 50, to medium middle 50, fast last 50, 30 sec rest between each.  6x100 pull - steady paced with 10 sec. Rest.

The swim workout was one hour of Z2 running.

I was having a tough time getting my Garmin 910xt to work. It not only wasn't recording distance, but it wasn't keeping the time info as well! The whole time I was thinking, " Man, my coach is going to kick my butt!"

We finished up and headed back to Burbank. On the way, I suggested we stop by Hansen Dam, so Mr. Doesn't Sink Anymore could see and walk around the lake where his swim will take place.

We walked the entire length with me telling him exactly what to expect.

We also saw duckies!

Later on, The Boss and I went to a new Pho restaurant. She has been eating a lot of Pho lately!

 I got steamed vegetables and tofu with rice that we split. I don't care for Pho myself. But I had my first Chinese beer. Not bad. I'm not a huge beer drinker but it tasted fine to me.

After the Pho place, we stopped by the Sherman Oaks Galleria.

Until tomorrow my friends.


  1. I love my Garmin by the way, glad I got it but every once in a while I have similar issues. Sometimes the ANT does not sync and if the chest strap is not moist or i am not a little sweaty when I start it may not register. I love all beer by the way!

  2. Yeah, it's the first time it happened. I tried turning it off and everything. It kept asking me if I have moved hundreds of miles/kilometers from the last time I used it and if I was in doors? I don't know what it was. Clear day to. Maybe the satellite just couldn't link up.