Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 193 - 9th Annual Hansen Dam Triathlon and Mr. Doesn't Sink Anymore Makes Good

August 18, 2013            245.3 lbs

Hello everyone. Today was a long one! I woke up with only an hours sleep at 4:30 am and headed for Hansen Dam Aquatic Center to support Mr. Doesn't Sink Anymore at the 9th Annual Hansen Dam Triathlon.

In the predawn light there is always a humming energy as the participants, volunteers and staff get ready.

 I met Kevin Tran and Mr. Doesn't Sink Anymore in the lot and walked over to the transition area. Only racers get to enter the transition area to help minimize theft.

I was actually behind a low fence in this picture.

The sun was coming up rapidly and everyone was shaking out the pre race jitters. I took the opportunity to test one of the skin safe markers I was sent to evaluate. A review is coming! While standing at the railing talking to Mr. Doesn't Sink Anymore, an acquaintance of Kevin's came over name Ellis. He mentioned he was scared because he had panicked in Lake Havasu recently. So standing there, I taught him 4x4 breathing. He thanked me and went back to prepping.

6:25 am came and the transition area was closed and all racers gathered in the staging area separated by the colored swim caps. Each color representing a different age group.

 Mr. Doesn't Sink Anymore made sure to get in the water and warm up. The sprint racers had to wait for the Olympic distance racers to go first so Mr. Doesn't Sink Anymore had to wait, all the while burning energy as he practiced his 4x4 breathing.


Finally, the two minute warning was given and Mr. Doesn't Sink Anymore's wave, the orange caps lined up. On "go", Kevin and I looked but could not see Mr. Doesn't Sink Anymore. So we started moving around but just couldn't see him. I went back to the transition and saw his bike was still racked. Suddenly, Ellis showed up and said "thanks" the 4x4 breathing kept him from panicking.
After several minutes, I headed back towards the dock and there was Mr. Doesn't Sink Anymore, swimming down the final quarter.

I yelled out but he couldn't hear me and the fact is, that first time coming out of the water is a doozy. I felt booth light headed and nauseous at the same time when I did Hansen Damn last year.

 He made it out of the water and tugged at his wetsuit strap as he jogged into the transition area.

 The transition to the bike went off without a problem and he was off for the eleven mile bike ride. In no time he was back out of transition again for the three point one mile run.

 Kevin and I went to the expo area to wait and looked around at the Zoot booth.

 We also stopped by the A Runners Circle booth were I found a little chair to rest in for a few minutes!

 We made our way to the finish line area  as they were finishing up setting up the medals station.

 While there, I bumped into Mark Vincent Tipton, the Hansen Dam Triathlon race director.

 At about the half hour point, Mr. Doesn't Sink Anymore was making his way across the finish line.

 Getting his medal and officially becoming a triathlete.

As we were leaving, I was asked to speak to someone who wanted to start getting healthy and was a little unsure where to start. I was asked this because of the blog. So I went and spoke to Reuben briefly and gave him my contact info.  Hopefully, he will get in touch.  Until tomorrow my friends.

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