Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 194 - Rest Day, Insomnia and Jacks Gallbladder

August 19, 2013        243.2 lbs

Hello everyone. Today is officially a rest day. But it didn't matter, as I worked anyways. 
One thing I'm finding is I'm struggling getting back on a day schedule. I naturally gravitate to a night schedule for whatever reason and always have. Add to that a low grade form of insomnia that I have had off and on for twenty or more years and "I am Jacks gallbladder." If left to my own devices, I will steadily go to bed later and later until I'm moving all around the clock. Before I stayed up for 36 hours the other day, I was going to sleep at 11:00 am and waking at 5:00 pm!
Poor sleep is probably the one biggest factor affecting my weight loss still. At least I think that's what it is. To be perfectly frank, this blog is another contributor to no sleep as I often am writing until wee hours. I haven't figured out a way to speed up the blog as you can't force creativity.
I must get better at time management though if I'm going to pull this off. Until tomorrow my friends.

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