Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 201 - The Healing Chlorine Cleansing of the Soul.

August 26, 2013           243.5 lbs

Today I thought the schedule said 45 minute active recovery swim. So after a busy day running around taking care of errands, I headed to the pool.

Fortunately, I had the pool to myself! The workout said my choice of sets, so after a warm up of about 400 yards, I did a series of 100 yards, repeating until I had swam for forty five minutes.

I tried to keep it relaxed but it just felt too good to pull a few times.

I took the time to work on my form, turning with my body on the pull and keeping a high elbow. Making sure my entry was the correct distance away from my head, etc. The above picture is actually one of my favorites I've taken. The photo below as well.

It was a pleasant swim. When the time was up, I didn't want to stop. However it was time for the pool to close. As I was rinsing off, an elderly man asked how many laps I swam. I told him 85. He said, "Wow! So how come your still so fat?"

I don't know.  .  .

Until tomorrow my friends.

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