Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 203 - Pool Gangs, Bob Ross and the Instant Mellow

August 28, 2013    244.6 lbs

I had a bear of a workout today with the swim.

4100 yards = 400 wup - 10x50 kick/swim - 2x {300 build, 2x150 middle 50 non free, 3x100 free fast interval, 4x75 ez/med/fast by 25, 6x50 fast kick) - 200 warm down

My workout got cut short though due to a run in with some local tough guys trying to bully people at the pool. When they realized I wasn't gonna be intimidated and kept swimming. They tried playing games like "swimming chicken" and diving in next to my head as I turned. Finally, I told them flat out if they touched me under any circumstance, it would cost them. Just as the posturing began, it was all broken up by some older gentlemen.

By the end of all the drama, I had only swam about 1034 yards. I came home pissed and immediately left to sequester myself. The Boss had no idea what was going on! After watching some Bob Ross painting videos in the car, I came back a lot more mellow. Hey, those shows really can calm down the savage beast with the "happy little tree's"and all. Try it sometime if your really worked up. I guarantee you ill calm down faster than a yapping chihuahua next to Ceasar Milan.

The world isn't the same without Bob Ross. Until tomorrow my friends.

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