Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 204 - Orange Is The New Black and the Burbank Peloton

August 29, 2013           243.6 lbs

Not feeling so great today. So not a lot to write about. Sat around the house and watched Orange is the New Black. Pretty funny. Went out for a snack at The Office, a local restaurant/bar but that was it. My workout was an hour and forty-five minute ride.

I forgot to mention in yesterdays post that as I went out to clear my head, (and watch some Bob Ross painting videos!), I saw a small peloton of riders cresting the top of the hill in my neighborhood.

I took it as a sign that I should avoid trouble. They probably thought I was up to something. I thought I might like to join them. Later I looked up the hill in my neighborhood in Strava and found out who the group was. I saw they had ridden from Glendale through downtown L.A., back up through Hollywood and into Burbank to tackle the very hill in my neighborhood as the highest elevation. For some reason, it made me proud that I ride it at the end of my training as well. Until tomorrow my friends.

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