Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 207 - Long Run, Sore Knee and Fast Recovery

September 1, 2013              No weight this week.

Hello all! I've decided to do a little experiment and not weigh myself for the week. As of yesterday, my weight was 245.2 lbs, so we will see what happens next Sunday. For those new to the blog, I'm 6'1" and 44.
My workouts for today were a one and a half hour easy spin bike to warm up my legs for an hour and a half, zone 2, long run.
I didn't do the bike as I didn't have time, but I was excited and a bit nervous to do the run. The reason being, I have missed a few run workouts recently and didn't want to overwork my legs due to being injury prone.
I decided to take The Puppy which I knew would increase the workload due to having to wrestle with her cadence. She has been very restless lately and I figured she could use the energy burn. I also decided to wear my Camelbak water backpack so we would have some water around the halfway point and a Hydration Belt bottle filled with Scratch Labs Hydration Mix. With the recent heat/humidity I want to be careful about hydration.

As soon as we started, I was struggling a little to get her to heal. But soon we had a good rhythm and she was prancing next to me, looking back as if to say, "Hey dude, speed up!"

We ran from the house all the way to the Chandler bike path. Something I usually would drive to!
Just now looking at my Garmin Connect page, I see that it is only 3.8 miles from my neighborhood.

The extra weight of the backpack plus bottle added to sometimes pulling on the leash, caused a little tenderness in my left knee. By the last mile, it was aching and I was a little worried it might be injured. 
However, as I always tell people, my recovery time is incredible on a plant based diet. I was limping a little as I cooled down, but a couple hours later and I feel better. 
I ended up doing 7.8 miles in 2:00:32. Not the fastest time or farthest distance but it is what it is. I look forward to doing 13.1 in two hours. I don't know why, just a goal I've set. 

This is what happened soon after we got home.

 Mission accomplished. Until tomorrow my friends.

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