Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 208 - Rest Day, Recovery and No Miley Cyrus Tweekage

September 2, 2013        No weight this week.

Happy labor day. I hope you were able to kick back and enjoy yourself and relax a little.
Today is my rest day. I try to make sure that on my rest days, I actually rest. Another aspect of rest days that I think people make a mistake with is not eating well. Meaning, eating enough for good recovery.
Because of my tweeked sore knee yesterday, (that's tweeked, not twerked you weirdos), I was a bit worried about how it would feel this morning. Actually, my left knee was very much better but I was a little achy in my right knee and both hips. As the day went on, I felt even better.
By tomorrow, I should be good for my scheduled one hour run.

Now onto something else really important.

What the heck is going on with my neck in this photo!? This is from the Awesome 80's Run I did a couple weekends ago. The first picture from any race where I thought my body looked it's best so far. And my neck looks like my head has been Photoshopped onto someone else body!

So here is evidence that I have a jawline doggonitt!

Until tomorrow my friends.

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