Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 211 - The Big La Tuna Ride

September 5, 2013         No weight this week.

Hello all. Today I had an hour and a half ride scheduled with: 2x15' at Z3 with 5' rest. I started off heading down Hollywood Way towards the Chandler Bike Path. It was after midnight so there wasn't much traffic.

 Right off the bat, I noticed I felt strong, despite my severely messed up sleep schedule. Again taking note of my nutrition so I can remember the best fuels for training.

Regarding the messed up schedule, I didn't wake until 6:00 pm! I didn't fall asleep until after 11:00 am this morning. Mostly due to The Puppy having an on going fit each time I tried to go to sleep. She ultimately just wanted more water! And yes, I feed her and give her water constantly!

I looped around and got back to Glenoaks Blvd from Vineland, which left me with more than a third of the ride left to go. Only I was less than a quarter of the way home. So I decided to keep riding instead of turning. A couple of blocks up and I was at La Tuna Canyon Rd. I had heard a lot of cyclist ride it because of it elevation. And frankly, it's because I heard it was tough that I never considered it. I thought only experienced riders rode it.

I thought, "What the heck? I can always turn around if it gets too tough." Now the reason I even had this thought was because I knew I had the big hill in my neighborhood to do at the end of the ride and didn't want to bonk.

This unfortunately, is exactly the way I normally think and though I'm getting better about "just going" without worrying, it is a modification in progress.

The La Tuna ride was excellent! I felt great and the ride up was a perfect grade. There was a wide bike lane it's close to my house. I was kicking myself for not riding it sooner. Once again I learned a lesson about judging things too soon. I got to a spot that felt like I was on the downhill side. There were no lights on that part of the road. It was so dark out, the stars were extremely vivid. As I rode, I felt as though I was on the Space Mountain ride at Disnyland. All my senses were heightened. A little nervous of being able to move if an obstacle showed up in my blinking headlamp. I turned around looking forward to seeing how much further up the ride went. I knew it had to get harder and I could see headlights farther up moving across.

I made it home and to the top of my hill to see the familiar Burbank lights. The pictures never capture the true beauty of the view. I used to hike a lot at a nearby trail called Stough Canyon. My favorite thing was to get to the top just after sunset so I could sit for a minute looking out at the valley.

When I got back, I found out that I had only gone up about halfway and the hill got much steeper just after where I was.

I mapped out a route that I can't wait to try that goes to the top. I think if I ride it, I can really improve my climbing skills.

Please do me a favor and leave a very brief message below before leaving the page today. I would appreciate it. I'm trying to get a better idea of how many people really are reading the blog. You don't have to register for anything. Thank you in advance.

Until tomorrow my friends.


  1. I read your blog pretty close to every day. Keep up the good work!