Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 214 - Sleep, Brick, Sleep

September 8, 2013               No weight.

I was going to weigh myself today to see how much if any weight I loss but I forgot this morning. I feel thinner but we will see. Though I slept all night, when I forced myself to wake up today from the couch, (dog peed on the bed!) I was still exhausted. All day long I have been fading in and out. I have that moving through jello, slightly dream like cracked out thing happening. Just having a slow recovery from not sleeping for almost three days.

My assigned workouts today were an hour swim:

3200 yards = 400 w/up, then 8x50 drill down, swim back on 15 sec. rest - then 8x50 free long with 15 sec. rest, 8x50 free with 10 sec. rest, 8x50 free with 5 sec. rest.  Then fins and hand paddles: 400,300,200,100 - 1 min rest between each.  Then 200 warm down

I also had an hour Z2:

Active recovery run - no HR or focus - just head out for a steady run.

I'm going back to sleep.

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