Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 215 - Rest Day and More Sleepless Sleepy

September 9, 2013     No weight this week either.

What day is it and is that a clown over my shoulder?

So after signing off yesterdays blog, I again ended up being awake until the afternoon. Hopefully soon I will be done with this crazy schedule change business.

I have decided not to weigh myself this week again as I'm enjoying not doing it. Plus, I'm not sure I lost any weight with all the lack of sleep. One of the first things shown to affect weight loss.

Officially, today is a rest day. Looking at the schedule for this week, there is some very interesting training coming up. For instance, starting tomorrow I have double runs scheduled. That is a first. It's now 1:35 am and I'm going to try to be asleep by 2:00 am. Then I will get up early around 7:00 am and do run number one. Back home to rest and eat, walk The Puppy, look for work, walk The Puppy again, eat again, look for more work again, walk The Puppy again, do run number two, eat again, walk The Puppy again, etc.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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