Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 220 - Another day of back street blues!

September 14,  2013            No weight this week.

My back felt better today but not good enough to ride.  Although I was really going back and forth on it in the afternoon.
I wanted to, even if I could only do an hour or so. Ultimately, I played it safe as I know from experience learned the hard way, that it is these moments that proceed me getting hurt. But boy did I want to ride. I spent the rest of the day feeling guilty.
Anyways, I hung out at home taking it easy for the most part. The Puppy on the other hand had her own plans. Namely to insist I play with her at every opportunity! It was almost as if she knew it was uncomfortable for me and purposely wanted me to suffer.  .  .Nah! That would be crazy!?

Today's scheduled workout was a four hour Z2 ride with one 30 at Z3 heart rate.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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