Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 222 - Obsession For Medals!

September 16, 2013      No weight this week either!

Rest day. Tried to relax but was unable. Had several errands and a little work to accomplish. My back feels much better. I think I'm ready to train again.

I believe that I have mentioned that I love medals. I have fourteen at this point all received over the past year. I love them because they represent your accomplishments in physical form. I usually wont even do a race unless there is a finishers medal. My friend admonished me once for not running for the experience. To each there own. I like to run for both.

Last November, I did a run called the Fit4Fall 5k. It rained all during the race and I was disappointed to see at the end of the race, no medal! Apparently, I had read the information incorrectly at sign up and did not see that the medals only were for the top three. By the way, I should point out that the Fit4Fall race was well organized and executed.

But I wasn't happy. I wanted a reminder of the race. I sent the organizers an e-mail asking who made their medals and asking if it would be okay to buy one if possible. They said sure and forwarded the medal company info. The medal manufacturer were very nice and after hearing my story went ahead and just sent me a medal for free! As I said, I love my medals.

Tomorrow, I have another double run day. Last time, I did the first run but not the second.  

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