Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 223 - Deer and The Mature Puppy

September 17, 2013                  No weight this week.

Today I had another unusual dual run brick. On the schedule a fifty minute morning run and an hour and ten minute evening run.

The Puppy and I headed to our running spot and saw some deer on the way there. Not unusual in my neighborhood.
The weather app on my phone said it was 74° but 56% humidity. So hot out. I took my iFitness Hydration Belt with Skratch Labs Hydration Mix in one bottle and filtered water in the other. Normally, I wouldn't bring the extra water and stuff for a fifty minute run but my hydration lately has not been so great. Translation= I'm not drinking enough water! Something I am working on along with some other stuff.
We started off walking and right away, I noticed the The Puppy was not pulling nearly as much as she usually does. The Boss and I have been working with her to heal for the last couple days and it seems to be working.

About a mile into the run, I realized my heart rate wasn't showing on my Garmin 910xt. I touched my chest strap and found that I had not put the sensor on before I left the house! Dang! Oh well, it will have to be distance and time only. Later, I would be surprised to find that the watch still predicted calories burned. Who knew?
At the half way point, I paused and gave The Puppy some water. I have learned that I can gauge how tired she is by how far her tongue hangs out of her mouth while she trots along. On the way back I probably pushed too hard and needed to walk for a minute. The way back is uphill and I normally push it a little. Today, I had to push myself to make it back to the car. The Puppy laid down in the shade as soon as we stopped.

As the day went on, my left knee became sore. I had a few errands and during them my knee got so sore that it was difficult to walk without limping. Then I got home and all the sudden, it felt much better. I cant explain it. I choose not to do the second run as I didn't trust it not to hurt again and the last time I ran through a pain like I had, I couldn't run for two months.

Tomorrow, I'm swimming! Until tomorrow my friends.

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