Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 229 - U.S. Road Running and Finished Work.

September 23, 2013               No weight this week.

Finished the job I was doing today. It is officially a rest day from training but heck, most of the last week was also.

Did I mention U.S. Road Running? This is a great group that helps motivate and encourage running by offering a medal for various accomplishments and goals. It is all done on the honor system. You select a program to join like the Get Out and Run program, monthly goals or races like a 5k's, 10k's and half and full marathons. Then you register, (that's your accountability!) paying for the medal in the process. When you meet your specific goal or race,  you upload your time on the site and get the medal.

Now, could you just----- say, go out and run? Of course, but this is about accomplishing goals. And as I have mentioned on several occasions, I love me some medals! In my case for example, I ran my first 10k in August. It wasn't a race, just a normal training day. So to mark the occasion, I ordered a medal. Did I mention they will put your name and distance on it? If your into it, check out their website.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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