Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 231 - Swimming with Flip Turns!

September 25, 2013         No weight this week.

Good morning sports fans! Although, you may even be reading this at night. See if you can guess what workout I had today.

No really, take a guess.  I'll wait.  .  .  Okay but seriously, today was a brick day. Swim and run.

Here is the workout:

2500 yards= 400 wup, 6x100 - 25 left arm, 25 right arm, 25 catch up, 25 swim. Each with 30 sec. rest. Then - 100-200-300-200-100. Each swim has 20 sec. rest in between. Then 9x 50, each with 15 sec. rest: 1st 3 kick, 2nd 3 regular freestyle, last 3 kick. 200 warm down.

I felt great and the weather was really nice also. I had the pool to myself for the most part and was able to connect with my breathing right off the bat. Even without doing sinking drills.

Also, I tried something new. Now, some of you experienced swimmers are probably going to freak a little bit, but today for the first time, I did flip turns at the ends of the pool! It sure added a new amount of work to the load. But that is good as my pool isn't 25 meters. It's more like 17.14 meters. So I often have to compensate with and extra lap here and there. I liked the flip turns and found that they came natural to me for the most part. I purposely would flip a little farther away from the wall so I couldn't push off too much. I also like that I couldn't catch my breath in the same way when doing the flip turns. Sometimes, it can be a crutch turning around at the ends, and I'm guilty of using it.

The other workout was a 45 minute easy jog. I went with The Boss to Little Tokyo for dinner where we ate at Shojin, one of our favorite places. Going there is like seeing old friends. Always welcoming. Until tomorrow my friends.

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