Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 232 - La Tuna Redux

September 26, 2013           No weight this week.

Today I rode up La Tuna Canyon again. My official workout was an hour and a half easy spin or spinning class.

I started a bit later in the day than I would have liked, but it ended up being okay. Though I had one very close call with an SUV. The driver either not paying attention or aiming for me on purpose.

There is a very strange and unique house about midway up that looks to be attached to some kind of compound. Frankly, I'm reminded of Europe when I see it. In particular, a place in France called Kœnigsmacker. Someplace I visited with my grandfather in the late nineties as we followed his path in World War 2.

Last time I rode up La Tuna Canyon I realized that there was an old access road that went even higher up and determined I wanted to try to reach it.

Well I did it. 1500 feet of elevation. According to Strava, I got five personal records.

Overall, a very good ride. Until tomorrow my friends.

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