Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 233 - The Stray Dog Blues!

September 27, 2013           No weight this week.

So today I had a one hour swim assigned. Here is the workout:

3100 yards= 2 x (500 descend, 400 every other 100 take 10 sec rest, 300 pull, 6x50 kick fast, 200 neg. split, 100 catch up, 50 FAST.)

I worked today so I was going to hit the pool in the evening. I ended up trying to get a stray/lost dog to trust me for several hours. Dang. The dog showed up around 8:00 pm and The Boss spotted her/him and told me. So I went out with some treats and sat on a porch throwing pieces to it. Progressively shortening the distance. Every time the dog would get close enough for me to grab it, someone or something would scare her/him off. After three hours of it, I went inside to eat. The last time it got close enough for me to grab fur, but escaped. Looking at me like, "Dude! I trusted you!" I was successful in even getting it to come into the garage but because it was extremely skittish, it would bail before I could trap it. After dinner, I took The Puppy outside and guess who was waiting for me? Of course it ran as soon as it saw me. Later on, around 1:00 am, my neighbor messaged me saying, "If I didn't know better, I would think that dog is waiting for you." It was sitting outside my garage.

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