Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 237 - October Happy and A Bit of Sad News.

October 1, 2013        No weight this week.

October has begun! One of my favorite months as it got me into working in movies.

Well guys, this is an interesting time for The Boss and I. Money is tight and as a result, I've had to temporarily suspend my coaching service with Chris Hauth. I plan to keep going with him as soon as I can. Hopefully no more than a week or so.
The fact is I need more consistent work. As soon as I find some, things will improve. I'm going to continue training based on my last few months to at least maintain my fitness. Hopefully, this will all be resolved soon. It is difficult to not feel like a failure at this point, but I do.
In order to focus what I need to do, I am considering 

I saw an interesting thing this evening as I returned from the store. A young lady in her early twenties was ExerWalking™down the hill. She had her little tank top and yoga pants on. Coordinated running shoes and waterproof iPhone case. Her pony tail bobbing behind her.

And right in her hand.  .  .  a cigarette!

But here is the thing, four years ago, I might have done the same thing. I have come far, even without losing a lot of weight yet. I will figure this out and complete my goal of completing an Ironman.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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