Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 238 - A Very Good Day.

October 2, 2013        No weight this week.

I woke up to this e-mail from Chris Hauth:

"Hi Mike - Stay on the plan I wrote you. No excuses,  the finances have worked themselves out. But that means you stick to it too!
You have plenty of people who want to support you. You should consider yourself very lucky!"
One side effect of getting older is that I get spontaneously emotional and reading that e-mail had me a little bit misty eyed! Someone had paid my coaching fees. The same person asked to remain anonymous. There are few times when I am truly speechless. This was one of those times. 

To whomever paid for my coaching, thank you! I can't express how very kind that gesture was and how it couldn't have happened at a better time! To me that is an incredible show of faith in me and I would very much like to repay you when possible.

So as soon as I could get to the pool, I did my newly scheduled workout. A one hour swim:

2600 yards = 400 wup - 200 kick - 4x50 head up drill the first 25 - 4x50 catch up the first 25 - 200 swim, 4x600 negative split.  This means the first 300 needs to be quite slow and controlled to swim faster the second 300! 4x50 pull - 4x50 head up drill the first 25. 200 warm down.

(I took the picture before I was finished working out.)

It was a great workout and I had the pool mostly to myself. I especially enjoyed the "50" with the head up drills. I felt pretty good even if I was a bit slow.
On top of all this awesomeness, I found my Oakleys! They were in my swim bag. I am officially a dork!
Chris is right about "sticking with it." I don't have any plans to quit. Never have.  Thanks again "Anonymous!" Until tomorrow my friends

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