Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 241 - A Quickie Long Ride!

October 5, 2013          No weight this week.

I have to keep this short as I am beat! Today I was assigned a three hour Z2 ride with 30 minutes at Z3 in the second hour.

I got on the bike late and I was tired. Why was I tired you say? Well you see, I was sprouting some white cannollini beans. The Puppy decided to table surf and eat some. Here's the thing, raw beans are toxic to doggies. Side effects of acute toxicity include, explosive diarrhea and vomiting.  I was up all night long taking her out to go to the bathroom the poor thing! I didn't get to sleep until 7:30 am.
By the time I woke and took care of errands, it was late.

But what the heck?

So, off I went and I have to say, it felt great! The heat of the afternoon had disappeared leaving a cool night. I might need to start wearing my cool weather stuff again. Not much else to report.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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