Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 242 - A Brick Of A Deal!

October 6, 2013            No weight this week.

What a great training day! This week, Coach has me ramping up things a bit and my rest day is moved to Wednesday. Today, I had brick with an hour and a half easy ride in order to warm up my legs for an hour and fifteen minute run that would include 3x8 minute Z3 pace ups.

 I wanted to see Encanto Park in Duarte, CA so I choose that location to start the ride. I noticed that the bike path it connects to is the San Gabriel River Trail.

 A part of the ride I do often when I ride above the Santa Fe Dam.

 Recently, I have been looking into riding beyond the path into the mountains to Crystal Lake.

 No, not the one that Jason lives at!

 It was a beautiful day to ride and I got to see another horsey!

 I rode to the end of the path just past the weird mountain community in the hills. I hesitated and then finally decided to ride a short distance up the mountain.

 Frankly, I was concerned about some of the traffic and blind curves.  I have looked at the map and except for a couple of reservoirs, can't figure out where all the vehicles are going! After only riding about a quarter mile up the canyon road, I turned around. The sun was setting and I didn't want to be there at dusk when it was harder to see me. I've got to stop reading the cyclist related accident reports!

I finished the ride and headed home where The Boss had dinner waiting. Yay! After dinner, I put on the iFitness Hydration Belt, loaded the bottles up with Skratch Labs Hydration Mix in one and water in the other, grabbed The Puppy and headed out. Nice and steady except for the Z3 pace ups.

We finished up 1272 calories and 5.5 miles later. My knee aching some but not bad. If I could recommend one thing for all runners to try, it would be the CEP calf sleeves. I love them! Until tomorrow my friends.

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