Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 245 - More Intense Intensity and Running Extremes. Plus Contest?

October 9, 2013        No weight this week.

Second intense workout day! The Boss and I started off by heading to Little Tokyo to get some groceries. This is what happens when you are married to a Japanese woman. The thing about Little Tokyo is, it is only a very small area in downtown L.A. Great restaurants, including one of our favorites called Shojin and a very cool bookstore that has every kind of manga called Kinokuniya. Shojin has some incredible food including plant based sushi, yes I said sushi!

On the way home there was a really bad traffic accident on the freeway so we decided to take side streets where we passed by the L.A. Zoo and Griffith Park. I had no idea that there were so many bike lanes around the park from Riverside Drive. I'm an idiot. I could have been riding from my house to Griffith Park on some of these late night training rides. It's weird, I have been avoiding riding in the park itself because I know it's hilly and didn't think I was up to it. Not anymore, now I want to ride it for the challenge.

Okay, so to the workout. Here it is:

15' warm up.
6x4' @ Z4 HR with 2' easy jogs in between.
15' warm down.

In a word, WOW! When I first saw all those Z4 intervals, I was a little unsure weather I could complete them. I told myself that I would just do my best and see what happened.

I grabbed The Puppy and headed to the bottom of the hill. First part, easy enough. Puppy pulling a little more than I like but whatever. The first Z4 interval, I had my heart rate up to 173 bpm which is at the top of my range, (165-175 bpm). My thought the entire time was, could I sustain it? Sure enough, I did. That is some fast running for my big self. And I was able to do all of the segments with no problem. Oh, I had to work, don't get me wrong, but I did it. Although during the fifth Z4 interval, I started thinking about some stressful things coming up and lost focus for a minute and dropped down to 166 bpm. But I recovered and continued driving harder.

This was one of those times were the benefits of the heart rate zone training just shows up and I am caught off guard because I don't expect to be able to do the workout. Apparently, I can run at a more elevated pace and heart rate than even I knew I could.

One of my Strava boards. Note the top right corner. Now if I can just get faster.

If your reading and enjoying the blog, please leave a comment. You don't have to sign up for anything. I would like to know more about who is following the blog. Come on, it only takes a second. Let's start with name, what state you are in and what kind of training your doing. Maybe we will have a giveaway of some sort. That's it for now. Until tomorrow my friends.


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    1. Thanks buddy! Maybe I need to offer a cash prize? Or raffle a bike. Lol!