Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 248 - The Big Century!

October 12, 2013    No weight this week.

Today I did my first century ride or one hundred miles. Here is the workout I had scheduled:

Three hours = Z2 HR ride with 2x20' Z3 HR sections in the latter 2 hrs of the ride.

Followed by:

30 Minute = Steady run off the bike.

My friend Romeo asked me to ride with him as he prepares for Ironman Arizona in November. He said he needed to get some saddle time in between 6-7 hours.

 My first thought was, "Ouch, that sounds terrible!" Then I thought, "Well, I do want to do a century ride. Maybe I can get one in." So I contacted my coach, Chris Hauth and asked if I could do the ride. He suggested I stick to 5-6 hours and no more. I agreed and then immediately went out and did something else!

I met Romeo at Encanto Park at 7:15 am. I had mapped a route that took us from the park to the top of the San Gabriel Bike trail, then turn around and head south to Seal Beach. From Seal Beach we would travel along The Strand past Huntington Beach to the Santa Ana Bike Trail. Then turn around and head back.

It was a perfect day for the ride with a nice cool temperature and a gentle breeze. Romeo needed to work on some stuff so he shot ahead and I didn't see him until I got to the bridge that leads to the tributary. With me staying in my Z2 range, he had to wait for awhile. Even so, it seemed like we got to Seal Beach in no time.

We stopped for a quick snack of french fries and then headed south to Huntington Beach.

 Before the ride I had set my Garmin 910xt to sound an alarm every forty-five minutes to remind me to eat. I figured if I ate about 200-250 calories per hour I would not have to much of an energy drop. I had plenty of Bonk Breakers with me as well as some vegan and gluten free brownies The Boss made for me. The first half of the ride went off without any problems.

 I was surprised at the number of bike lanes by the beach. I always feel "safer" when I ride in those. However I remain very vigilant. Constantly checking behind me with the helmet mirror.

 On this ride I realized the city of Huntington Beach stole the Skratch Labs color scheme.

 My friend Kevin Tran will be happy to know that Romeo rocked his Vinh Lois kit.

 Around mile seventy, I suddenly felt like I was hitting the wall. That's when I realized I missed a couple of the nutrition alerts. Dang! Once you get behind on your food, it is difficult to recover. I had not heard the time alert and waited until I was hungry to eat. That is a no no. I quickly ate but never fully recovered and ended up having to gut it out for the last ten miles or so.

We got to the end at Encanto Park and packed up the bikes. I felt rough by then and had to sit in the car a few minutes sipping water. Within a few minutes I was better and ready to head home. I took a few moments to think about the ride and the accomplishment.

I got home and headed to the hot tub to help with my sore joints.  Welcome relief! When I uploaded the Garmin metrics later on to Strava, I saw that I somehow got 35 PR's. Honestly, as I sat in the hot tub, I was thinking of how much work I still have to do. I had felt great for the majority of the ride and I am happy with my progress.

Until tomorrow my friends.