Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 251 - The Puppy, The Playground and The Hill

October 15, 2013          No weight this week.

Today I had a one hour Z2 run with four, seven minute Z3 intervals. I took The Puppy to a volleyball court first thinking she would enjoy digging in the sand like she did at the beach. Nope! She dug one hole and then stared at a nearby hill a little freaked out. Onto Plan B.

So I started running and basically had a very good, light run. The Puppy didn't pull very much except on the way back which is normal. She is a monster. At the end of the run, I took a different route than normal and hit a hill. Not a big hill by any means just a hill, about a quarter mile long. I had to take a moment as I ascended to reflect on the fact that I could still climb at the end of the run.

Romeo, whom I did the century ride with last weekend asked me to do a long, slow run on Friday. He wants to do twenty miles which they call, "the wall" I guess. Probably, because that is when most people feel like they hit "the wall" in a marathon. I told him I was interested. Even though I haven't run more than 9.4 miles yet in training. I have a weird feeling I can do it.

Tomorrow I swim 4000 yards or 2.2 miles. Until tomorrow my friends.

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