Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 252 - Swimming Blues and the Twenty Miler.

October 16, 2013                No weight this week.

Today I worked thankfully, but I ended up working late and missed my swim workout. The workout was:

4000 yards = 
400 warm up
16x25 - 4xwith 10 sec rest -8x with 5 sec rest - 4x10 sec rest
8x100 steady with 10 sec. rest
6x400 broken: this means after a 200, rest for exactly 10 seconds, then swim the second 200.  Rest 45 sec. between each 400.

I would have been a fun one. My coach got back to me regarding the 20 miler I was thinking of doing on Friday with Romeo. He reminded me that I tend to get hurt the most on runs where I go a little nuts and suggested I not do it as I was asking for an injury. He's exactly right of course. He suggested that I run the second half of ten miles with Romeo instead. Sounds good to me.

Still have some work to do tomorrow. Hopefully it won't affect the one and a half hour ride that is scheduled. Until tomorrow my friends.

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