Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 254 - A Dinner of Champions and then Me

October 18, 2013      No weight this week.

Today, my work out was a 4000 yard swim. Here is the workout:

 I went to Santa Monica where I had dinner with my coach Chris Hauth and some of his other athletes. Chris came into town from San Fransisco for a few days to meet and spend a little training time with his clients.

The first thing Chris said to me was, "You've lost a lot of weight." Then he wanted the details about the century ride I did. We had dinner at a place called Seasons 52 with a beautiful view of the ocean. The restaurant also had a separate vegan menu. The food I had was kind of a sampler of their menu and enjoyed everything. It was a great conversation as well. I met Jason Russell who just did Kona and Brian Lasky a swim instructor and experienced Ironman. Several of Chris' female athletes were present. Rachael Parent who just completed Ironman Lake Tahoe, Meredith Zohar who just did the Nautica Triathlon and my friend Erin King who is an experienced triathlete and overall great lady. Hearing everyone's experiences with various races was inspiring. Chris surprised me the most as I discovered that he was a really funny guy! I had only dealt with him strictly from short coaching messages and a brief blood lactate testing session. It was a very nice evening and I enjoyed meeting everyone.

Chris Hauth and I.

 Here I am with Rachel Parent, Merideth Zohar and Erin King. What a pleasant evening!

Tomorrow, I have a three hour ride scheduled. I may need to spend some time with The Boss though. We will see. Until tomorrow my friends.

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