Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 255 - Dealing with Gravity.

October 19, 2013          No weight this week.

Hello all! Today I had a three hour ride assigned. No intervals, just straight Z2.  It's getting harder to stay in Z2 now as it is comfortable for me to train in Zone 3 now.
I know I have said it before, but one thing about this training that continually surprises me is how effective it is, even though it doesn't feel like it's working.

Well that's how it feels anyways.

I spent the evening with the wife where we saw the movie Gravity. I enjoyed it. I felt is was like watching a long movie from a video game, but it was interesting. I find it hard to get emotionally invested in films that use so much CGI personally. But the actors did a good job.

Not much else to report, still thinking about the lessons I gleaned from the previous evening. Tomorrow is a brick. Until tomorrow my friends.

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