Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 256 - Empty Bricks and Other Adventures

October 20, 2013          No weight this week.

 Today I had a brick workout of swimming and running. Here is the workouts:

Swimming: 4000 yards = 2 x (500 descend, 400 every other 100 non free, 300 pull, 6x50 kick fast, 200 neg. split, 100 catch up, 50 FAST.)

Running: Steady Z2 HR long run after the swim - ideally within 10-12' after the long swim

How did I do? Well I didn't. I didn't feel well today. About the only thing I did was go to Vinh Loi Tofu to eat some mild vegetable soup and chat with Kevin Tran.

Tomorrow is a rest day, if I feel better, I will do the brick then. Which reminds me, i need to drink more water and take my B12. Until tomorrow my friends.

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