Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 257 - The Food Fugitive From Rest

October 21, 2013            No weight this week.

Rest day! Not much to add except as usual, I failed to really rest. I am designing a logo for this crazy adventure. I may get some hats, visors and tech shirts made when money is better. Would anyone be interested?

I walked The Puppy at Chandler Blvd bike path this evening just to give her nose some new and exciting scents to explore. She pulled the entire time and would not settle down. At one point, I stepped towards the home in the above picture dragging her along on the grass, when I realized something was different about this resistance. I turned around to see she had been attempting to poop. Oops! Sorry Sweetie!

I was returning from getting some food and got pulled over this evening by the Burbank PD. Apparently, I have a tail light out. The officer looked at my license and asked if I had ever been arrested. Nope. He told me to have a good evening and get the light fixed as he handed me my license. Okay.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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