Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 258 - Deer Posse And Pulling Z4

October 22, 2013        No weight this week.

Today, I had a blistering running workout with several intense Z4 intervals. Here is the workout.

1:10:00 min =
15' warm up
5x5' @ Z4 HR with 2:30 ez jogs in between
15' warm down

Those five minute intervals kick your butt!

I worked late today and was thinking I was going to skip the workout when midnight struck. Then I remembered that someone believed in me enough to pay for my coaching and just couldn't.

So I grabbed The Puppy and headed out. We didn't actually start until 1:08 am! Unfortunately, The Puppy hasn't been run in a few days and had a lot of energy to burn. Which translates to pulling more than I like. I end up spending the entire run yelling "Heal!" and my running form turns into "unstable baby."

Twice I saw deer. Once near our parked car and later as we crested a hill in the nearby neighborhood. I could just make out the silhouette of five creatures as they crossed in front of us a couple of blocks away. At first, I thought it was a pack of coyotes and slowed. But after looking carefully, I spotted their big deer ears. They had to be very young as they weren't much bigger than The Puppy.

Once again, I was surprised that I could hold the Z4 intervals at all, let alone five minutes.  Though I should state that the forth interval was most difficult to maintain as I was going downhill. The Puppy pulled away, and later, decided to run through a bunch of puddles! Immediately guaranteeing her a bath when we got home. Dang!

Finally we made it back after running 5.2 miles and being out there for one hour and seven minutes.

Last thing, we are getting closer to Ironman Arizona 2014. Twenty five days to be exact. I need to sign up for my race in Arizona in 2014. The way you do this is by volunteering on race day followed by paying for registration on the following day. The cost is $675.00. In order for me to complete this journey of mine, I need to do this race. If you have ever considered contributing to my GoFundMe campaign, it is more important now than ever.  Please help.

Until tomorrow my friends!

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