Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 262 - Another big run or Saturday's Blog

October 26, 2013               No weight this week.

 Today I had a long ride scheduled. Here is the workout:

Ride: 3 Hour, Z2 HR ride but include 3x20' at Z3
Run: 45 minute, steady effort off the bike with good form, steady pacing.

Romeo Victor asked me to do a long ride with him today followed by a short run which worked out fine.

 I woke at 6:00 am without getting much sleep. As a matter of fact, I didn't get much sleep for the last few days and was pretty tired. Basically not into the ride at all as I had work stress weighing heavy on my mind.

 We met at 7:30 am at Encanto Park were there were so many cyclist, that there was no parking available. It was cold but the sun was coming over the mountain.

 Little did we know that it was only temporary.

 The farther we traveled south, the more fog and the marine layer got heavier. My legs were tired from the beginning and never quite warmed up all the way. At about 20 miles in, I was ready to turn around, sick of being cold and wet from the condensation. But I realized I had better finish regardless.

We stopped at the Rivers End Cafe at the end of the trail. By the way, I passed a big peloton of California Triathlon riders outside of Seal Beach. CAL-TRI!

 We had a nice sit down of french fries with steak sauce. Finally, the sun started to break through and we headed back.

Nutrition wise, I was better this ride but I was just not into it, physically of mentally. Even with that I went 71.3 miles! And somehow got 50 PR's. That's right 50!

Right after we got back to Encanto Park, I pulled on my running shoes and took off for brief jog. I was huffing. The run was uncomfortable and by the halfway point, I was happy to head back. The run ended up being 2.20 miles and took 35:41.

In the end, I felt good but exhausted. You never regret doing a workout. Until tomorrow

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