Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 264 - Arcades and Scab Dreams

October 28, 2013               No weight this week.

Rest day! Not too much to report except I was finiing the latter part of my 38 hour day. I got to see Burbank from another perspective.)

The last time I was in the below, arcade, it was 1984 and I briefly moved here from Maryland. I was fifteen.

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!? I know it's weak but it is all I have I've been awake for, wait, now 46 hours. I've passed out about ten times since I started writing this. I just snapped awake from a mini dream where I was slowly but steadily ripping off a large scab on my leg. Talk about vivid, I could feel it each time a hair got pulled and the skin separated at the edge. A little flashback maybe to my bike accident. Okay then.  .  .Until tomorrow!

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