Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 265 - Long Days and Dog Collars

October 29, 2013                 No weight this week.

I told my coach, Chris Hauth that I need to take the week off from training in order to focus on the work I need to complete. I have long days ahead and didn't want the added stress of trying to complete my workouts as well.
Chris told me to try to do at least thirty minutes of walking every day. I told him I would. I've been walking The Puppy with a new product called the Gentle Leader Head Collar. When The Boss first showed it to me, I was against it because I thought it was a muzzle or it used pain compliance which I don't agree with. It ends up that it does not restrict the dog from opening its mouth at all and doesn't hurt them either. As a matter of fact, after only using it twice, The Puppy was walking like a completely different dog. I ended up wrapping some moleskin around the nose loop because it was pulling out some fur. The deluxe version of the collar has a built in pad. I tried walking her with a regular collar and she responded like she was still wearing the Gentle Leader. That is, she didn't pull all the time and suddenly change direction at max speed or attempt to jump on any Pitbull's faces. The other thing I like about the head collar is, it takes only a gentle tug to get The Puppy to change direction or settle down.

So not much about triathlon today but I am discussing a sponsorship of a kind with an excellent sports nutritionist whom is also plant based herself. Excited to see what unfolds. Only a few days left until Ironman Arizona and I am still severely underfunded for the registration. So please consider.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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