Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 267 - A Halloween Story

October 31, 2013        No weight this week.

Happy Halloween all! My favorite holiday and I'm so caught up in stress that I can't enjoy it. On the plus side, I got to listen to Hammer films all day and night. Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing were the epitome of Dracula and Van Helsing. Peter Cushing was great in everything he did as a matter of fact. Chris Lee fortunately is still around playing "Saruman" in the Lord of the Rings films and the Hobbit series. I got to meat Christopher Lee a few years ago and all I kept thinking was, "I'm getting to meet Dracula!"

Regarding training and weight, I'm beginning to slip into "convenience eating" as I simply don't have time to cook. This is not good! I haven't tried any of them yet, but I understand the Sharky's Wood Fire Grill is now offering some all plant based bowls. I'm going to have try them one day.

Here is a funny Halloween story. I was a weird little kid that loved monster movies and making myself up to look like the classic monsters. One Halloween, I decided to make myself up as The Wolfman. My favorite monster of them all. (Ironically, I would not actually see the Universal film until I was an adult.)
So an hour before sundown, I start painting my face and then gluing fake hair on it. It took forever as I hadn't glued hair before. When I was finally done, I put on my wolf paw gloves that I had made and my torn up clothes and headed out to terrorize anyone I could.
After running around for some time.   .   . nothing. I had taken so long to make myself up, that everyone was already inside eating their bounty! And no one was opening their doors to give out candy.
So I took a shortcut home through a small grove of tree's that separated my development from another. And it was dark! About halfway through the tree's, I heard two little kids heading towards me. So I dashed behind a large tree. Just then, the clouds separated and the moons light hit the exact clearing in front of the tree. I sprang out, snarling and growling for all I was worth!
The two kids were paralyzed with looks of terror on their faces. Eyes wide, mouths open in pre-scream position. Then they looked at each other, dropped both their bags of candy, and ran away! I was cracking up, right there in the little clearing, rolling around. Then I saw the bags of candy and thought, "Whahooo!!! I got some candy anyways!"
But after a few seconds, I realized I couldn't take some little kids candy. So I went after them. I caught up a few houses away. Or at least had them in sight. A strange thing happened. Every time I would pour on the speed, the little kids would:

1.) Scream louder and
2.) Run faster.

Those bags of candy were heavy to. Those little whipper snappers cleaned up! I was yelling at them to stop, that I was going to give them back their candy. All they must have heard was "I'm coming to eat you!"
After another minute of me trying to catch them, they ran inside a house. I put the bags of candy on the porch and tried to tell them it was okay, they could get them. I was panting so hard that I'm sure it sounded much different. Just when I started back home, another small group of trick or treaters noticed the bags on the porch and headed for them. So when they got close I jumped out at them to scare them away from the candy. But just as I did, one of the original little kids was opening the front door to retrieve the bags, saw me and slammed the door after letting out another blood curdling scream!
This pattern actually repeated a few times that night. Every time I would try to leave. someone would come along and grab for the candy bags, I would shoo them away and be seen by the little kids re-terrorizing them all over again.
Finally, I thought "enough" and went home. After getting some distance from the house, I turned around to see the front door open a crack and an arm shoot out and grab both bags of candy.

The end.

Only a few days left until Ironman Arizona and I am still severely underfunded for the registration. So please consider. If you own a company and would like to sponsor me, now would be a great time.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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