Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 281- The Last Fourteen Days

November 14, 2013   No weight this week.

Wow! Been gone awhile. Thanks to the few that checked in on me! You know who you are. 

So what happened? I was working. You see, when I get work, it usually means I have to make something by a certain date and for a fixed price. Normally, this is no problem and I finish in a couple of days. On this particular project, I struggled and it took  more than two weeks! Two weeks with several 48 hr days. 

I simply didn't have time to do anything but work. My sleep schedule or lack of sleep schedule got pretty intense.

Chris Hauth, my coach, told me to at least walk for thirty minutes daily, which I did for the most part. Last few days were the most difficult. 

Finally, I finished and tried to rest for a couple of hours. Didn't work.

So for fourteen days, I did nothing but work. Here are some random pictures.:

Tomorrow, I go to Phoenix, Arizona to volunteer at the 2013 Ironman Arizona race, so that I can register for my race in 2014.

I am exhausted but in good spirits. I have a lot to do before I leave so I'm hitting the hay.  Until tomorrow my friends.

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