Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 283 - Prepping for The Big Race- Volunteering That Is

November 16, 2013     No weight this week.

This morning I had a mandatory meeting for all us volunteers at the Tempe Center For The Arts. 

I checked in with each of my volunteer captains, (I'm volunteering twice tomorrow,) and was briefed on water safety and what to expect.

After, I walked around the expo "village" looking at the different goods. I was surprised more venders weren't there honestly. I kept having the thought that I being very selfish registering for the Ironman race when we don't have a lot of money. The Boss stepped on that idea pretty fast, "Shut up, your doing it." was her quote.

I haven't felt well for the last several days and I didn't sleep much last night so I went back to the townhouse and napped. Then I got up, ran some errands and came back. I think I'm just exhausted, but just to be sure, I'm upping my B12 consumption. 

Kevin Tran flew in this afternoon but I have yet to see him as he's hanging out at Ironman village. 

Since Romeo and I are first to wake tomorrow, we are hitting the sack early. We both wake up at 3:00am. Yes, a.m..

I need to be at the Marina to get kayak situated at 5:00 am.

Romeo says he's ready for his race tomorrow. Until tomorrow my friends.

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