Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 303 - An Update And Another Confession

December 6, 2013     ???

Hello all! Just a quick update, I am waiting still for my waterproof cast. In the meantime my cardio has really gone to crap with all this sitting around. Even so, I have been walking the hill in my neighborhood daily with The Puppy. I got a little bit of work thankfully, so I have had that to help distract from the arm. As soon as I get the waterproof cast on, I'm going to train again. Even running was causing pain without the cast. 

I have not been eating as clean as I should and boy do I feel it. Especially not enough water daily. 
Here is a lesson I learned recently. On the second day I was in Arizona, (Saturday November 16) I started feeling really bad. I thought it was just from exhaustion and sleep debt. I tried to nap as much as I could, but could never really sleep and for whatever reason, I kept thinking about B12. So I went to the local Walgreens and found some 5000 mcg B12 dissolvable tablets. I felt better almost immediately. 
I realized then, that I had not been taking my B12 for almost two weeks! If you eat plant based, heck, even if you are a carnivore, you should take B12 daily. I also realized how little water I was drinking over the past weeks. Very little as I had started drinking soda again for the caffeine. I know, ridiculous. It was truly amazing how quickly I felt better after hydrating and taking the B12. Lesson learned.

I made a decision to not blog on days I don't train to give me a little more relaxation time. Helps. Sometimes, the blog takes me several hours to write and after seven months of it, I was burned out I realized in Arizona.

I should be back to training within a few more days. So if you are still with me, hang in there, we are not done yet. Until tomorrow my friends.

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