Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 310 - Skratch Labs Sponsored!

December 13, 2013           ???

Just a quick update. I am having the waterproof cast put on any day now and I'm back to training. As of today, I have three weeks or so until the New Years Eve Half Marathon. I better get back out there asap or as my buddy Scott Taylor reminded me, I'll lose all my base fitness.

Now an important announcement. As you know, I love Skratch Labs products, especially their Hydration Mix and use it everyday I train. I have been formally chosen as one of the companies sponsored representatives and I could not be happier! Thanks to everyone at Skratch Labs that picked me.

If you haven't seen it, this is hands down the best sports drink commercial ever produced.

The sports drink that doesn't suck!

I have been walking The Puppy almost daily and trying to push the pace up the steep hill in my neighborhood. I am a bit concerned about how much of a hit my cardio has taken with all this time off. But I will do my best at the race, even if I need to do a Jeff Galloway style walk/run. Have to see what my coach thinks.

I'll have more news for next time about another sponsor. Until next time my friends.

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