Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 333 - Post Race at the Casa.

January 5, 2014         

Just a quick check-in to report how I'm doing post 13.1 half marathon. I woke feeling great although sore in my hips, quads and calves. My back and neck slightly stiff as well. And despite still having some of yesterdays weird flu symptoms, I was feeling very "up."

So as I ran errands, I walked around  as much as I could to work out some of the lactic acid trapped in the muscles. I will say that I'm amazed I'm not more stiff and sore. The Boss and I had a mini celebration at one of our favorite restaurants, Casa Vega. Otherwise, I took it easy, hydrated and tried to rest as much as The Puppy and The Boss would allow me to. Until tomorrow my friends.

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